• 1958 born Monika Schiwy-Jessen
  • 1990/1991 Begin to participate on various textile Workshops during a one-year-stay in USA.
  • 5/1994 opening of a quiltshop “quilt star” (www.quiltstar.de) and work as a teacher for patchwork, quilting, textile art techniques and also personal development through continues participation on workshops with textile artists.
  • 10/1998 Opening of a gallery for textile art and mixed media art
  • until 4/2013 organisation of about 100 different single and group exhibitions
  • end 4/2013 Sale of the quiltshop quilt star
  • 5/2013 – today Work on my own development in mixed media art
  • 1997 – today participation on various exhibitions in Germany and throughout of Europe


First I started with traditional patchwork but very quickly through the contact with
other textile artists I started to design quilts on my own. I prefer to do collage quilts with transparent and non-transparent fabrics also with integration of paper, plastic bags, various printing techniques and paper to fabric transfer techniques. I also work in mixed media techniques and photo designed quilts. My inspiration comes from nature and images I find in magazines and newspapers.

May 2017